Remaining safe and secure in the Workplace is just as vital as preserving home security. This requires utmost attention to safeguard security of information, intellectual & physical assets and control over business operations across all locations in line with global policy and processes.

Case Study: Workplace Investigations (Includes Workstations, Printer/Fax Rooms, Conference/Meeting Rooms)

On occasion an employer may decide that it is necessary to engage the services of a private Workplace Security Consultants to stealthily monitor actions of employees. This may be for different reasons relating to alleged scam, to investigate possible breaches of confidentiality or long term sick leave.

1. Ensuring clean desk policy at the end of the work day.

  • No documents, notebooks, or paper left on the workplace No personal communicators, computing devices or portable media left behind.
  • No cabinets or drawers left unlocked which contain any confidential items/documents and No Keys left in any accessible location within premises.
  • Clean white boards
  • When a person is away from their workstation for an extended period of time (30 minutes or longer) they must ensure Confidential information must be locked in a drawer or cabinet and Notebook & PCs must be secured with a cable lock

2. Picking up documents

  • All confidential or sensitive information must be picked up from printers and fax machines within 30 minutes of printing.
  • All other documents must be picked up by the end of the business day.
  • All documents not needed, must be trashed on same day.

3. In common areas also clean desk policy is ensured.

An inspection from our end begins with viewing the entire workspace for any obvious violations. When we find any kind of violations we

  • Fill out a failure notice and place it on the desk.
  • Remove any materials at issue and retain in a locked cabinet and deliver the material to the employee’s manager so the manager may review the issue with the employee.
  • Ensure inspections are carried out in adherence to guidelines in every floor & buildings every month during prescribed timings.
  • Ensure that inspection log is completely filled & violation notification pasted.
  • Send inspection logs and monthly reports to Audit Executive.
  • Maintain updated list of Location, Building/cluster of building & floor managers across all Sites.


  • The lack of records and systems in place prevents any individual being identified as responsible for the theft of information or misuse of data.
  •  The report provided by SWSC provided managers with insight into the depth of the issues in that sector.
  •  At the same time it gave management useful practical advice on systems and procedures that could be implemented to increase future liability.

If your organization is looking at outsourcing this critical function to a specialist, please mail us at Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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