The importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance has only become more important in the last few years. Caught in between busy work schedules and awaiting families, the task of delegating time effectively is now tougher and requires far more consideration than before. In fact, 88% of workers report that they have a hard time maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This includes finishing their responsibilities at work, catering to the needs of their households (menial jobs, supplies,etc. ) and spending time with their family. An unhealthy work-life balance will result in several noticeable changes in both the demeanour and productivity of the worker. Results will slow down or decrease with quality as the satisfaction and feeling of contentedness wavers amongst the workforce. Superseva offers a unique and scalable solution to this with its premium Employee concierge solutions. These concierge solutions pose benefits not only to employees but also to employers as they offer unique proposition and benefits for all parties involved.

What makes Superseva Concierge special:

• Personalized assistance with day-to-day for a quick completion
• Multiple channels of placing requests (The Web, Desk, Email, Phone). No more long queues at the desk and also the minimum dependency on the Concierge executive’s efficiency
• Acknowledgement System: E –receipt, Acknowledgement Slip, Mobile SMS alert system.
• Available on the internet ( and therefore worldwide access to our services.
• An online request tracking mechanism, which allows our customers to track the status of their requests.
• Electronic Reminder Service through auto e-mail and SMS alert.
• The wide reach of our services through pan-India presence.
• System generated MIS report, providing accurate information about the desk usage every month transparently.
• Concierge executive well groomed and in uniform
• Strong and meticulous operations team: Negligible percentage of errors: 0.05 %, Multiple checkpoints
• One point contact: Account managers for each and every corporate
• Recruitment: Stringent recruitment system, followed by background verification
• Information is retained on our proprietary software platform to account for employees attrition and ensure a seamless experience for customers regardless of individuals handling their request

How does Superseva concierge benefit employers:

• More productive employees
• Increase employee retention
• Increase employee satisfaction
• Attract talent and cultivate loyalty
• Enhance employee relations and improve employee positive perceptions of their overall benefits package
• Employer portrays a strong and distinctive commitment to work/life issues
• Ensures the burden of maintaining their employees’ work-life balance to ensure attentive and focused employees.

With all these benefits, and experience as an industry leader and pioneer for over 28 years, Superseva concierge offers a unique proposition to both employers and employees, acting as a 24/7 assistant so that everyone can focus on the things that matter.

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