The trend of professionals relocating to different cities in search of IT jobs is not new. But with relocation, they have to deal with the challenge of juggling the application of passport/ PAN card with their 9-6 work schedule. Reason- government recognizes these as valid photo identity proof and it is almost impossible to open a bank account or get a residential contract done without them. This leads to them taking leave from work to visit government office during weekdays, or spend their weekend on it. None of the above sounds like a good plan to us!

We at SuperSeva understand the pain of standing in a queue for a long time to submit the form, only to be told at your turn that some documents are still missing and you must come back again. We offer passport and PAN card application service, to take this load off you.

We recently conducted a three day PAN Card and Passport Mela at IBM, Mumbai. During the drive, our executives spoke to IBMers, explained about filling passport and PAN form, supporting documents to be furnished and applied for them.

SuperSeva, which started off a concierge service provider as now diversified into providing various other professional and personal assistance services to corporate and its employees.

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