She can manage her home and boardroom with equal finesse. She is strong, yet compassionate. Women are wonders. And, we at SuperSeva would never miss an opportunity to honor them!
With SuperSeva increasingly being recognized as a leader in the Industry, this Women’s Day we had multiple event requests from Companies, Pan India. To address the demand we formed a special Task force. Our commitment to our clients remained a priority as our executives made the impossible, possible. They had a field job procuring fresh orchids in this season and supervising the decoration in every location to finish before 11 am. Our team grappled for vendor availability, gifts and chocolates owing to high demand. They also brain stormed on themes, designed custom cards, wrote personalized messages. In some locations, we were asked to organize Master of Ceremony (MC) to conduct small games. We set up stalls to display fashion jewelry, bags, perfume and other hair and beauty products.
On the D-Day all the efforts were worth it when neatly packaged gift, flowers and card delivered to their desk in the morning made them smile. The stalls were popular too! Around 100-800 employees attended the event based on the strength of the location. The team organized events for 5 companies, across 18 cities in India and about 25 locations.
Below are some interesting pictures.

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