Office, deadlines, meetings take a toll on our lifestyle in more ways than we can imagine. In an attempt to seal ‘that’ deal, other aspects of our life such as health, well being, and beauty often slides down the priority list. SuperSeva understands the demands of your work. And so we would not let you miss the pampering that you still deserve. So what if you missed your dental checkup or beauty appointment last week? We will bring your appointments to work!

As a part of our employee engagement activity we conducted Dental checkup and Beauty care camp at Aricent. As a part of the activity, our experts examined the dental health of employees and provided help. They also belted out practical beauty advises after thorough examination.

The camp was attended by about 150 employees. The camp was held in following locations-
Aricent- Campus
Aricent- Sigma
SuperSeva, which started off a concierge service provider as now diversified into providing various other professional and personal assistance services to corporate and its employees.

Below are some interesting pictures of the camp.

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