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“Let’s not carry this sofa along” OR “Let’s sell this TV, We will buy another after reaching there” OR “I will not leave from here, it’s a very hectic job”. Can you relate these thoughts? Ever thought of these things while shifting from one place to another? But don’t you think that mighty sofa, on which you often took rest after a tiring day at the office. Or be it that loud TV for which you got scolded from your house owner and uncle at your neighborhood. These are few memories which connect you with your belongings. Don’t leave them behind when you plan for relocation. We understand you, hence for our Packers and Movers service is always available to make your relocation happy and easy.

Relocation is something which is not-so-pleasing work for anyone. That is a time when you actually need some professionals to take over it and take care of the things for you. A dedicated team for Packers and Movers can make these tasks much easier and the best thing about packers and movers is that their services are readily and easily accessible. Their services are available 24*7 and this easy to get and easy to book make them peoples’ priority.

SuperSeva’s Premium Employee Concierge is known for their reputation across India, with an operational presence in 12 major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. We have been there into the Corporate Concierge Services since our inception. Currently serving 100+ major corporate industries across PAN India. Our experience and proficiency is what makes us stand out.

Whether it’s a house shifting or an office relocation, a team of professional packers and movers will be taking care of your belongings so that you can rest carefree. Our experienced Concierge Team makes sure that your things will be taken care of in a well-planned manner.

Advantages of SuperSeva Packer & Movers Service

  1. Readily available 24 x 7
  2. Safety and Insurance
  3. Quick and Active
  4. Dedicated customer support line
  5. Affordable Price
  6. Quality standard maintenance

Advantages of SuperSeva Concierge Services

  1. Four level of management team
  2. Dedicated centralised call centre
  3. Dedicated operational desk
  4. Multiple channels & Technology
  5. Acknowledgement System
  6. System generated MIS report
  7. Strong and particular operations team
  8. online request tracking mechanism

If excellence and relaxation is what you look out for; settle for nothing less than the exquisite Premium concierge services of SuperSeva Services.Simply contact our Call center number at +91 9590 901 901 or drop a mail to .We will be happy to assist you.

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