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Managing a huge business requires a huge decision-making skill and it also requires the ample amount of technology & Manpower. When we talk about manpower of any organisation we mean the perfection that needs to come along with an employee. But, do you need a perfectionist for every task that your company is into? Do you really want to spend an extra mile penny onto every single work that is happening into your premises? A business can only grow with a remarkable rate when they focus on their core values and leave out other works to the top outsourcing companies In India, Majority of the business ends up spending a lot more than required money on retaining the employees who are performing certain tasks which are not easing the core business in any manner.

Even major players into corporate sector prefer Outsourcing for the needy jobs which are nonprofit but yet very important for any business to sustain the market.

Some of these jobs are meant to retain your valuable employees by providing added perks by easing their day-to-day needs. Our Premium Employee Concierge Solution makes sure each of your employees must enjoy the royalty of a premium lifestyle, while all of their personal errands will be taken care of. Our Concierge team makes sure to fulfil the needs and requirements of every employee of yours. Needs like Government related works (RTO, PAN CARD, PASSPORT etc), Monthly Utility Bills, Housekeeping  Facilities, Ticketing and many such other requirements which nobody is willing to do by themselves. For which Our Concierge team is always there to perform these tasks to grant a hassle free lifestyle to your employees.

While retaining your employees we also help you to build up a secure and friendly workspace for every employee of your company. Services like Enterprise Asset management, Work Place Security, Contract Staffing etc. exists into our menu so that we can cater a perfect work environment to your office.

So do you still believe that an In-house team of perfectionists is required for these jobs?

Being one a major enterprise support solution company in India, SuperSeva is present across the nation into major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad serving the outsourcing requirements of the major industry tycoons.

Even the top outsourcing companies in India are backing out when it comes to catering the following Support solutions in a larger scale demand. But our strong belief and potential in successfully serving major brands in the market since past 17 years made us stand among the top outsourcing companies in Bangalore. With our Hybrid technique of efficient manpower and technology with soon bring us neck to neck with top outsourcing companies in India during coming times.

Enterprise Support Solutions by SuperSeva:

  1. Premium Employee Concierge
  2. Managed Services
  3. Enterprise Asset Management
  4. Managed Front Office
  5. Workplace security
  6. Contract Staffing
  7. Facilities Management
  8. Enterprise Event Management
  9. E-Stamping & Franking

Outsourcing these services will surely result in better management and in a very cost efficient and pocket-friendly manner. Sit with us for a coffee and we can have a detailed talk how we can mutually help your company to grow faster while utilising hundred percent out of our services.

Contact us on +91 9590 901 901 or write us at sales@superseva.com

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