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Dear Friends,

Yet another Quarter has ended along with which we are saying goodbye to the financial year 2016-17. The year can be counted into one of many successful years for SuperSeva. Denying all the tough challenges we made significant progress into our business. I Thank you for your continued commitment and all that we have achieved together and opportunities we seized during every single stage of the previous quarter.
I am very proud to summarize the journey of SuperSeva and the undeniable achievements we are honored with during FY2016-17 and its last quarter.

Financial Growth:

One of our major achievements during last quarter has been our ability to retain the continuous growth across multiple business verticals. During Q4 we successfully achieved a remarkable number onto our growth chart by bagging up 8.34% of revenue growth compared to Q3. I am also proud to tell you that in comparison to FY2015-17, this time we managed to project an annual revenue growth of 23.38%, with an average of 11.77% of steady growth every month.

Business Growth:

During Q4’FY2016 our main dilemma was whether to expand into the market or expand within and strengthen our roots on the foreground. In order to achieve a stronger garrison into the corporate industry, we developed a frame to shape our existing top-tiers. With a strong believe we carried on ahead and successfully managed to expand our self among our existing clients.
We have attained a huge success in terms of improvement as well as expandability. Our reputation being our most valuable asset we managed to display some remarkable results toward stabilizing and strengthening our existing client relationship. We managed to amplify our services among major clients. Our belief of perfection into Enterprise Support Service delivery led us to produce some remarkable growth over our major business verticals compared to previous quarter.
In addition to this, we are also happy to serve Kronos by introducing our Concierge Services to them.

A rewind to previous year

We introduced an exclusive retail service providing android app serving a larger customer base with more than 70 services across 10 major cities in India

With this, I rest my words with my good wishes to you all. I on behalf of whole SuperSeva family would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our clients for trusting us. We are privileged to be allied with you and hope that we can continue to have opportunities to work and learn together.

I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback at my mail id:

Kumud Sharma

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