Wonder how concierge can change the way you do your daily tasks?

Have you ever thought that in busy Schedules of your employees and tight timelines to finish the job they suffer to finish their own personal work? Now they have two choices one to use their personal network to finish the job or else take a holiday to finish the work. Weekends are mostly holidays for both the Government and some service providers making it even difficult for the individuals to avoid taking leaves, then again there is no guarantee that they can finish the job in time and they might have to return back the next day to finish the work, adding pressure to their jobs and teams. That is the time when

While the world is simplifying mostly anything there are large gaps still prevalent in the country where we can help you access them more professionally and quickly.

Welcome to SuperSeva Concierge desk that will ease the way you can enjoy your work. So be it taking care of elders, paying utility bills, taking care of your house or delivery of flowers etc, the list goes on for the services we can offer

Check out our list of 300 plus services and if you need please free to ask for customized solutions we are here to help. With 17 long years and mostly working with almost every large organization, our team will deliver the value that you could not have done personally.

That’s not all – SuperSeva cash back card, yes we save your employees money every time they shop. So make points and cash back to your bank account when your employees shop.

Introducing the SuperSeva cash back card in association with lioness Giving power to your employees to shop globally across multiple online and offline vendors in India and Globally

Your SuperSeva cashback card gives you access to 75000 plus merchants in India and abroad

To read more on our SuperSeva Cashback card please click this link

To Establish your SuperSeva Corporate Helpdesk at your office call Rajat- 7829035353 or mail rajat@superseva.com / sales@superseva.com

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