• Multi channel to know about our services and  place requests
  • Available on the internet (www.superseva.com / www.supersevaconcierge.com ) and therefore a world wide access to our services
  • 24/7 SERVICES: Premium Concierge Experts will assist you constantly. You can rely on them for anything, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our team will be at work while you take your desired break
  • An online request tracking mechanism can verify the status of customer requests
  • Electronic Reminder Service through auto e-mail and SMS alert
  • We keep detailed records of each customer’s profile, their tastes and preferences. Our concierges can be customized & personalized
  • Wide reach of our services through PAN-India presence
  • Well trained and customer-friendly concierge executive
  • One point contact: Expert client relationship managers exclusively for your corporate
  • System generated monthly MIS report provides accurate information about the nature and number of service usage
  • Strong and dedicated operations team: Multiple check points to assure a near 0 percentage of errors
  • Evaluating our service: Depending on the nature of the request, an email or a call is routinely made to acquire customer feedback. This allows us to meet consistently, the expectations of our client
  • We let all know about information about innovative events and offers through weekly newsletters and social media platforms
  • Value add services through various service partners

Our existing clientele in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai & other regions PAN India is emerging stronger due to our ability to provide them the expertise to handle their needs efficiently

Contact SuperSeva Services to discover a whole new rewarding experience. Simply call us at +91-9590901901 or E-Mail us at info@superseva.com / kumud@superseva.com to discuss your unique needs, quote and delivery and we can tailor something to fit your specific needs. As long as the request is legal & ethical we will make it happen.

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