We started the series on the challenges faced by the organization and its stakeholders in having an in house front office management system and the advantages of outsourcing it to an expert.

This day we will look at ‘Absenteeism‘ as a case in point. On a day when an important client’s visit was scheduled, the front office executive was absent. There was no back-up available

The Consequences

  • The reception area not arranged professionally.
  • Expected processes not met with efficiently.
  • Phone calls not routed properly.
  • Poor  response to inquiries.
  • Visitors were not directed correctly.
  • Wrong messages taken down.
  • and hence the first impression the client had was not what was desired

The Solution

A Front Office Service provider would take away your absenteeism and attrition worries. The front office managing partner would ensure that a backup executive is always ready to take-over and seamlessly integrate into the system and continue the functions as usual.

SuperSeva – Your ideal partner for Managed Front Office Service

To maintain the QoS and efficient functioning at all times, SuperSeva as your MFO service partner

  • Ensures that the  receptionist is trained and provided with exactly the same skills so that at all times, work at your front office is completed seamlessly.
  • Near-zero downtime  –  Front office being handled almost at all times.
  • Absenteeism: Equally efficient back-up pool of resources.
  • Skill based training provided by the best in the industry.
  • Commitment to a defined service level.

For more details on SuperSeva Services , visit our website  https://www.superseva.com

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