Why should you opt for Enterprise Transport Management Services?

Enterprise transport management is a part of SuperSeva’s managed services offering. We serve our prestigious clients by completely taking over the transportation needs of their employees. The transport to and from the company is taken care of ‘end to end’.

We also offer travel desk service to our esteemed clients.  Your employees can book their train, bus or plane tickets through SuperSeva. Our concierge desk will also render complete assistance ticket delivery too. We even book cabs on their behalf. By leveraging SuperSeva’s enterprise transport management service, you can ensure that all the travel and transportation needs of your employees are completely taken care of.

Benefits of hiring Enterprise Transport Management Service:

Employee Satisfaction

The key differentiator when you leverage SuperSeva’s enterprise transport management service is that it will increase the service levels. Your employees are more likely to be satisfied by a professionally delivered enterprise transport management service. We all know the saying that it is easy to gain a new customer but it is harder to retain one. The same logic applies to your employees and good enterprise transport management will go a long way in reducing attrition which is one of the big factors in running a modern organization.

Better Decisions / Cost reduction through Data

When you have access to all the relevant data, then you can make well-informed decisions. It is much like managing your calories. When you understand your calorie intake and activities, the awareness gives you a chance to make proper strategic decisions. When you apply this to enterprise transport management, it allows you to perform cost reduction.

Ability to Focus on Core business

You can delegate your entire transportation needs to SuperSeva. This will allow you to invest all your time and energy on your main business. You can optimize your resources by making use of SuperSeva enterprise transport management services.

Domain Expertise

When you delegate your enterprise transport management to a trusted service provider like SuperSeva, you can leverage our domain experience. Instead of trying to manage the transportation needs of your employees which may not be your forte, you can let SuperSeva professionals to handle the same. Your enterprise stands to gain the experience earned by SuperSeva which has offered similar service to a number of A-list clients. We follow the best standards in the industry to ensure seamless enterprise transportation management.

Maximizing Resources, Reducing Headcount

Optimizing the HR resources of a company doesn’t necessarily mean that we are speaking about firing someone. It is just to make sure that you are maximizing the resources at your disposal. By using enterprise transport management service you can plug in on the burden of maintaining a big transportation team. Instead of adding more people to the enterprise transportation management department which would be a cost to the company, you can make use of those resources for more productive activities.  

Driving Down Costs Through Technology

SuperSeva leverages technology for delivering enterprise transportation management services to its prestigious clients. SuperSeva provides several reports related to transportation management which will allow clients to develop strategies for cutting down costs.

Other Benefits

Further, it will help you to have healthy employees as they will be less likely to meet with road accidents while traveling to the office. They will be fresh at work as they need not negotiate irritating traffic en route to the office. Your team will be saved from the bad effects of air pollution too. Finally, employee transportation management will be a group exercise and it is a greener option when compared to the individual transportation.

The SuperSeva Advantage:

  1. Our concierge executive deployed at the SuperSeva help desk in your campus will be able to converse in English; will be neatly attired in uniform and polite.
    2. SuperSeva desk executive will be well-mannered, approachable and will provide you with any assistance related to transport or ticket delivery.

You can leverage all these services by delegating your enterprise transportation management needs to SuperSeva.


There are many advantages of outsourcing the enterprise transport management services to a professional like SuperSeva. Each enterprise must determine its pain points and look to delegate the non-core areas of its business to enterprise support service providers like SuperSeva. Furthermore, SuperSeva aims to become the long-term partners of our valued clients, create value, long-term savings and relationship while ensuring satisfaction for their employees.

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