The last in the series of Managed Front Office case challenges, today we look at “Missed Opportunity“.


Assuming a situation where an important multi billion dollar foreign client is exepected to call and the front office is either handled by an in-house executive or a Security Personnel, there is  a possiblity that the client is not handled appropriately due to the following reasons:

  • The Front Office was handled by the security and the impression created was not as desired due to their mannerisms as discussed in our previous post.
  • The client calls were not routed properly leading to delays.
  • The front-office personnel is absent and the back-up executive is not adept in handling clients.
  • The in-house front office/reception executive was not trained enough to handle client’s ethnicity.


The customer is irate and looks at other offers. Your loss is someone else’s gain and hence the competitors are happy. In such a scenario the most advised route is to hire a Front Office Service Provider. The executives are professionally qualified and are also trained for the specific and generic needs of the company. So bigger issues like prioritizing clients based on service immediacy, executive absenteeism, executive’s general mannerisms etc. seems very small. The organization can comfortably focus on their core competencies and let the MFO handle the front office/reception.

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