Let us assume a hypothetical scenario where an organization’s Front Office is managed by Security Officials. Now who would want to see a watchman at the reception  greet them when they enter a swanky office premise?

The Challenges

  1.  The Visitor’s point of view
    1. The maximum contribution he can make to the front office is to take down the visitor details in the Front Desk Register.
    2. Besides that, it is doubtful that they could perform the sophisticated job of a front desk executive such as to welcome the visitor with a pleasant disposition, guide/escort the visitor to the relevant person etc. .
    3. They almost speak little or no English which too can be a hindrance in creating an impactful first impression about the organization’s culture and work ethics.
    4. Even query resolutions may not meet the desired standards.
    5. Their attire matching the security guidelines too might put off the front desk visitors.
  2. The Security Personnel’s  point of view
    1. The Security Personnel sees any visitors from their angle of security breach. Not their fault because they are trained for that.
    2. They always have a stern tone for addressing the visitors which may not be considered pleasant by all.
    3. All visitors are treated alike at the front desk as they are not trained for greeting ethics hence prioritizing .

The Solution

Outsourcing a professional Front Office Service provider would resolve these issues to a great extent. The front office managing partner would train the front office personnel and helps organizations focus on their core competencies rather than worry about other such non-core functions.

SuperSeva – Your ideal partner for Managed Front Office Service

Hiring SuperSeva as your MFO service partner alleviates client’s burden of training the professional on various front office administrative tasks. We also train the front office executives to handle the visitors with courtesy and prioritize on the basis of service immediacy. Our committed and well trained staff (of 500 employees), have earned a reputation for professional service and empathy.

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