During the week, we set up camps and invited employees for free hair health consultation, something that would have otherwise slid down their priority list. Our experts also interacted with the employees during the camp and belted out small tips that can go a long way in hair and scalp care.

The locations where we organized camps are:

Mphasis- Mumbai

Mphasis- Bangalore

Mphasis- Pune

Mphasis- Mangalore

Mphasis- Chennai

Mphasis- Indore

Mphasis- Baroda

The events are held under Employee Engagement Activities organized by SuperSeva. SuperSeva, which started off a concierge service provider and has now diversified into providing various other professional and personal assistance services.

The pictures of the event are available on our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter and stay updated on our latest events and offers. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for corporate updates.

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