We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children, goes an ancient proverb.  True that. Environment and its preservation have been debated a lot over last couple of years. Initiatives such as ‘Earth Hour’ have been accepted widely across the world, as we inch closer to what experts call a ‘global melt down’. The melt down is said to be a consequence of deforestation and increase in the chemical fumes in the air. While this fear has suddenly found its way from geography textbooks to real lives, we must all play our part to preserve the environment that has nurtured us through and through. And, what day would be better to start then the World Environment Day itself!

SuperSeva organized day World Environment celebrations at Cognizant Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai to inspire employees to take the first step. Activities such as Plant Exhibition cum sales, Jute exhibition, Emission test, and Organic food exhibition were organized. To take a initiatives to next level, Ride a Cycle, Rainwater and Solar light display workshops were arranged to educate the employees.

Below are some pictures of the event.

The events are held under Employee Engagement Activities organized by SuperSeva. SuperSeva which started off a concierge service provider and has now diversified into providing various other professional and personal assistance services.

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