They say every individual must take some time out just for them to achieve a healthy state of physical and medical being. But, if an employee is working for major part of the day, squeezing in the ‘me’ time seems almost impossible.SuperSeva made up for the lost time by pampering them through wellness camp, organized by us under our employee engagement initiatives.

We organized a series of Hair Health Check up, Body Mass Index calculation camps across multiple client locations to help employees gauge their physical fitness and work on improving their health. The fitness and hair experts also belted out tips and tiny tweaks in lifestyles that can go a long way towards good health. These events are value added activities are mostly undertaken at locations where SuperSeva concierge desks are located.

The Corporates where these camps where organized were:

  • Barclays, Noida- Hair Health Checkup
  • Techmahindra, Mumbai- Hair Health Checkup
  • Logica, Bangalore and Chennai- Hair Health Checkup
  • Symphony, Bangalore- BMI

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