It is said, our handwriting is a photograph of our mind. The way our ‘L’ curls up and ‘H’ slants down can tell a lot about our personality. In the mystical intellectual world, handwriting analysis is a science, but in our real corporate world,SuperSeva decided to turn it into an employee engagement activity.

The employees of Reliance Capital, Mumbai dabbled with handwriting analysis when they presented a sample of their handwriting to the handwriting analyzers, who in turn told them some peculiar traits of their personality. While some traits drew a long sigh from the crowd, some traits like ‘you like to sleep a lot’ drew uncontrolled laughter. Around 200 employees participated in the activity and refreshed their minds from continual work pressure and deadlines.

These events are value added activities. They are mostly undertaken at locations where SuperSeva concierge desks are stationed. These events are brought to you by SuperSeva. SuperSeva is an industry leader in concierge serviceshandling about 30,000 client requests per month.

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