In good times, focus on cost reduction is considered to be a farsighted decision, whereas in bad times, when the economy is in doldrums it becomes a necessity, a must have for every organization. There has been a shift in the perception towards facility management. Companies have started to believe that their competitive positioning can be affected by how they manage their facilities. They no longer consider facility management as a sunk cost or cost of being in business, instead they are focusing on streamlining the processes to bring down the operating costs and improve on the quality of the physical business unit locations.


Why Effective facility management is required? 

The attributes mentioned below are the reasons for which enterprises look for effective facility management.

• Bottom line savings

• Health and safety of clients due to facilities conditions

• Facility appearance to prospective clients and employees

• Direct effect on productivity of employees

• Corporate Social responsibility

• Brand Image

How SuperSeva can help Enterprises in Facility Management?

SuperSeva can help in:

• Lowering Operating costs

• Maximize Return on Investment

• Reduction of risks arising out of adverse events

• Delay capital expenditure

• Improving current facility , increasing work productivity

• Adherence to Regulatory compliances

The service includes the following:

Soft Services 

• Housekeeping Services

• Garden and Lawn Maintenance

• Physical Security Services

• Pest Control

• Waste Management

• Vendor Management

• Pantry Services

• Mail Room Services

Hospitality Services

• Guest House Management

Hard Services

• Mechanical/Electrical Services


• Water Management & Plumbing

Support Services

• Office Administration Support

• Help Desk Services

• Logistics Management

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