Over time it is not uncommon for an organization to find themselves with multiple presences in many locations across the country due to business expansion and growth. In situations like this, problems are associated with poorly managed supplier relationships that go beyond operational inefficiencies and higher sourcing costs.

Today organizations have discovered a new approach that helps them to realize the benefits of managing a multivendor environment for simple things like providing the facility of newspapers and magazines for the employees without sacrificing undue resources to manage it. The strategy to reduce the operational costs and obtain expert assistance can be obtained by outsourcing the vertical who manages the provision of facilities like newspapers and magazines delivery in an organization. SuperSeva services can be your trusted partner in taking care of your petty business like managing your facilities of newspapers and magazines delivery by allowing you to focus on your core business saving your time and money.

Benefits of availing SuperSeva’s expertise in managing your newspapers/magazines delivery:

  • On the receipt of delivery schedules and locations for delivery in advance from the clients, SuperSeva will provide end-to- end solutions to ensure the deliveries.
  • Vendor selection and extensive vendor coordination will be provided.
  • Seamless and flawless services provided in terms of quantity and quality controls and check.
  • Strict adherence to delivery timings
  • MIS will be shared with every client
  • In case of any disruption in the delivery by the vendor, SuperSeva will ensure the delivery on stipulated time through field executives.

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