It is said that employees don’t leave the organization and go; they usually leave people and go. In today’s high performance environment there is seen a lot of disconnect between the managers and employees within and across a team. Business shifting their focus towards customer first and employee second has created a rift for the organization to decide on their priority between the two. Times are tough and there is no two ways about it.

The old methods of Management of providing higher extrinsic motivators like salary bonuses are no longer sufficient. Thus, employee engagement has become one of the most vexing issues of the recent times for organizations. The fever of ‘Employee Engagement’ has taken a turn of epidemic in corporate circuits. Big companies are losing a good number of their employees to their rivals.

Research suggests that Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. Though the benefits are clear, employee engagement still remains a challenge for most companies as over 71% of employees report that they are not fully engaged. Employee Engagement will help your employees to develop a strong positive attitude toward their work and the organization they are working in which ensures that they perform at their best when the times are difficult also reducing the attrition rates. If you aspire to make your Employee Engagement a success, you will need a realistic plan with a strong follow-up system. You will need to keep a track of your employees’ feedback and suggestions and also respond to it effectively which will act as enormous morale booster for your employees because they will know that they were actually heard. This process can either make or break your efforts. The safest route to deal with issues like this is to outsource your Employee Engagement services to a trusted partner who will be able to understand your organizations goals and its people. SuperSeva being an employee driven organization, places highest emphasis on attracting and engaging their employees.  SuperSeva has extensively used following platforms to build common bonds and one large family organization:

  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Sports Events
  • Cultural Activities/ Foundation Day Celebration/ Annual Day Celebration
  • Party Planning
  • Food Festival
  • Corporate Social Responsibility related activities
  • Team building activities
  • Team outing and group holidays
  • Special Day Celebrations
  • Rewards and Gifting
  • Complementary Events (Sponsored events)
  • Super deals or your employees

SuperSeva recognizes health is a wealth gift that must be preserved best.Towards this we have a wide array of activities targeted at our employee well-being.

Health and Wellness for healthier lifestyles

  • News Letters on Health
  • Executive Health Check Up
  • Medical Room Management
  • Awareness Talk on Health Topics
  • Vaccination
  • Theme based activities on Health Days

Sports Activities all indoor and outdoor games management

Team Building Activities to create an effective, powerful team

  • Training on Personality Development
  • Weekly activities on the floor / cafeteria /at common points.
  • Fun Day at Work: Ex: Thank God Its Thursday, Fundoo Friday etc

Team Outing apt destinations and customize the outing accordingly

  • Resorts, Exotic Locations, Lunch / Dinner Party, Event/ Movie Tickets, Travel Bookings, Special Concepts (Moon light cycling, Adventure Trips etc)

Complementary Events (Sponsored Events)

  • Toy Car Racing by Radio Mirchi
  • Wheel of Fortune by ICICI Prudential
  • Body Composition Analysis by Vibes/ VLCC

Employee Engagement Programs being crucial for your business today, we at SuperSeva can help you to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere for your employees.

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