Banking & Financial system of the country plays a considerable role in promoting the long term growth of economy in the country. It is seen that about 55-60% of people are involved in the operational activity in the banks. Besides these on-rolls employees there are many contractual employees who are hired mainly for sales pitching or for field activities to collect documents and meeting potential clients. This increasing trend of hiring low skilled employees for non-challenging activities has gained momentum recently.  This has resulted in the creation of many employment opportunities for minimally educated people which were not earlier part of the banking system.

People who are hired for this section of job responsibilities are expected to possess good communication (spoken, written) skills, high level of perseverance, high energy level, emotional intelligence, and aptitude for repetitive work, integrity and managing customer’s expectations.  The main challenge however lies in retaining your top-quality executives because these positions often demands high level of stress for low pay scale. You might find yourself in situations where it is an urgent requirement from your prospective clients to go and meet them for certain documentation process.  But when you try to get in touch with your field executives you don’t find anyone answering to your phone calls and suddenly the realization dawns at you that they have absconded in that crucial time. There may also be times when they take frequent leave from work and sometimes without any notice then how do you manage a situation like that? In instances like this, you can maximize your efficiency by outsourcing your Feet on the Street (FoS) service department to an expert service provider.  SuperSeva services can facilitate you in achieving your objectives and also resolving your issues. Our Feet on Street (FOS) team can go to your customers, collect their documents; and verify them before bringing it back to our office – in the most Cost efficient way.

As a client the benefits that you will enjoy with our SuperSeva Advantage:

  • You do not have to bother with the hiring and recruiting process of your field executives to collect the relevant documents.
  • We will assign our FoS agents who will have domain expertise, trained and groomed according to SuperSeva’s stringent recruitments and training process.
  • FoS team members will physically visit your customers based on any locations for document collection. The collected documents will be submitted as per SLA
  • FoS team members will be answerable to any of your customer’s query
  • FoS team members will verify the collected documents
  • MIS would be shared for any successful, unsuccessful and WIP job done.
  • In turn, you will be able to save on your time and money and focus on more important work relevant to the major issues of crisis.

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