Would a corporate ever want that an employee is not in the boardroom for certain crucial decisions and spend his entire day in PAN card/Passport/Bill queues.

The answer is NO.

Would a corporate ever want its very promising, hard working, high performance employee, suddenly turn into an under performer because he could not fulfill his household duties.

The answer is NO.

Often employees are stressed at work and distracted from their official duties due to their personal errands and other home tasks.  SuperSeva’s Corporate Concierge service provides dedicated off-site and on-site concierges. We can create and customize the right concierge program to fit your company’s culture and workplace objectives.

Here is what our valued customers of over couple of years have to say about our services

” Our association with Superseva has been very good. They have been managing our front office with highly disciplined and presentable resources. They have understood well our requirements and groomed our front office executive resource to fit into our culture and expectations.I would wish them all the success in days to come.

” D.Ganesh Prasad, Head – Administration, India Telecom Infra Limited ”

Superseva @ MTP is doing an excellent job.!!! Kudos to the team . Continue the good work. Looking forward to the World Environment Day celebrations in Co-ordination with SUPERSEVA.

” Rizwana Begum, IBM Daksh Business Process Services Pvt Ltd ”

“We at Intuit have been using the services of SuperSeva for the last 5 years and have received wonderful feedback from our employees on the services offered. The value adds and promotional offers are exiting, the services have been consistent so far”

Krishnamurthy. B, Intuit ” Services are good. No issues as of now. ” Ramana , IBM Daksh Business Process Services Pvt Ltd.

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