Travel plans are an integral part of any business. Efficient travel planning has become vital to the overall functioning of every business.

SuperSeva’s Travel Desk provides various Travel and allied services for its esteemed clients, such as Oracle. Benefits of SuperSeva’s Travel Desk are:

  1. Affiliations with Hotels and Airlines
  2. Network of worldwide travel helpdesk.
  3. Incomparable cost savings.
  4. Travel Desk services to companies of all sizes
  5. Domain expertise that enables us to reach globally to all destinations.
  6. Customized service for each corporate client.
  7. Generation of monthly MIS reports for tracking the travel plans and their status.
  8. Travel industry related information and other security alerts circulated to the Travel coordinator.
  9. Disaster Management (informing the Travel supervisor in the event of any disaster)
  10. Outstanding service delivery

SuperSeva’s Travel Desk Service offers to it’s clients :

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