It was a glorious moment for everyone in SuperSeva when the ISO audit conducted by BSI on 30th of August 2013 was deemed successful. SuperSeva representatives across the four departments Procurement, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Operations and HR (Human Resource) showcased the process and documentation to the BSI team. The Procurement department was represented by Mr. Dhiraj, CRM by Ms. Rachana, Operations by Mr. Mahesh and the HR team was represented by Mr. Vishvas respectively. The operations of all the departments within SuperSeva are monitored by the HR department. Mr Abhishek under the guidance of Mr. Jitendra Tiwari, our Management Representative drove the internal Audit held at each quarter diligently maintaining the appropriate work flow and processes.  Ms. Anusha excellent coordination and mobilization skills ensures the complete audit process went smooth and without any glitches.

ISO has certain guidelines set to monitor proper process flow in terms of documentation and smooth function of every organization and its individual departments. ISO award reinforces SuperSeva’s commitment to high process quality adherence and robust process. ISO certification evaluation was initiated some 5 years back and institutions like HGS and BSI have supported SuperSeva in its journey of certification.

Kudos to all the team members for their un-stinted support and commitment ensuring we reach this important milestone. Their zeal and commitment surely will help us reach newer heights.

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