With growing affluence and associated lifestyle, many a customer are looking beyond infrastructure and are demanding ultra-luxurious support services. Today people are looking for something more exotic in addition to other basic amenities like provision of gym and so on. ‘Concierge Service‘ is the real icing on the cake for both real estate developers and customers alike. Residential concierge is what many upper crest developers as the novel concept to define the luxury of their properties and service. ‘Residential Concierge services‘ is synonymous with ‘get it done what you want’. For the luxurious buyer it could be anything under the sun: right from their official work to household work.

What does a Resident gain from Residential Concierge Services?

  • It will allow you to use broad spectrum of services such as dry cleaning, bill payments, dinner reservation, schedule a plumber, private air travel, vacation packages and so on.
  •   Don’t have to invest your weekends on waiting in queue to pay your bills.
  •  You will be able to relax and spend some quality time with your friends and family over the weekends.
  • Get chocolates and flowers delivered on time for your friend’s birthdays; book a hotel for your upcoming vacation.
  •  Avail customized services well-tailored to your requirements.
  •   Balance your personal and professional life without any hassle.

What does a real estate developer from Residential Concierge Services?

  •  Ultra- luxury service positioning of your premium properties
  •  High level branding and “sense of far sighted integrated developer”
  •   Increase the saleability to NRI’s and novae rich
  •   Increase the net worth of your property
  •   Will give you ample time to focus on your core job
  •   You will be able to address all your clients’ needs effectively
  •   You will be able to maintain a good long term relationship with your clients.

If you are looking for some specialized services to make you feel royally treated then SuperSeva is certainly the answer to your call. We are one of the leading residential concierge service providers who will be happy to bring our services to your doorstep. We at SuperSeva offer customized packages to our clients that can ease their pain of hassles in order to balance their work and life in today’s time crunching environment.

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