Employees are the pillars of strength to any company. If a company has sincere, loyal and dedicated employees they are almost half way through in achieving their organizational goals. Employees are the asset of any company. Organizations need to appreciate, recognize and value the hard work and achievements of the employees to boost their morale and keep their spirits up. SuperSeva is always a step ahead when it comes to appreciating employees for their contributions to the growth of the company.

“WE VALUE OUR EMPLOYEES” is continued as a cherished organizational culture at SuperSeva. Employees are considered as the biggest asset in this organization and their outstanding performance is highly appreciated. This is the story of one of our esteemed employee, Mr. Pushpak Verma, Regional Head (North) who has made tremendous contribution to our organization in terms of Sales and Customer relations. The excerpt from an interview with him gives us a brief idea about his successful journey in SuperSeva so far.

For how long have you been associated with SuperSeva?

I have brought along with me a vast experience while working in different domains globally. I have started my association with SuperSeva in November 2010 and since then I have grown along with this organization.

How would you describe your experience so far at SuperSeva?

It has been a wonderful journey. This company has given me a suitable platform where I can utilize my skills and expertise for the further growth of the company.

Can you please tell us about your roles and responsibilities at SuperSeva

I take care of the operations and P&L of the North Region. I tend to keep a keen eye on the functioning of the Customer Relations team and ensure that special attention is given to client satisfaction. However, my prime focus has always been on Sales which has paved the way for new business growth. I am very delighted with the kind of rapport that I have built with my customers over the span of three years which has allowed me to retain my existing clients.

What are your greatest achievements in SuperSeva so far and how do you feel about it?

I think my biggest achievement in SuperSeva is in being a part of a fast growing company. Under my leadership, the NCR region of the company has seen phenomenal growth. The growth rate has been in terms of revenue generation, client relationship and overall profit. The realization that my contribution towards this company has enabled it to reach this height gives me a feeling which is gratifying.

Have you come across any challenges in the way to reaching your goals and if you have, what have you done to overcome it?

 I have witnessed a tough competition from our close competitors in terms of the pricing model.  Hence, I would say it has been quite difficult for us to keep up with this competition. We have to continuously come up with innovations following the innovative business model ensuring that client’s pain points are addressed and satisfied on time.  I always like to customize the services offered according to our client’s requirements. My mission is to deliver excellence at every touch point.

Foremost, we would like to congratulate you on your new car policy scheme. Everyone would like to know more about the recent car policy that has been entitled to the employees. Can you also tell us about how the employees will be benefited from such a policy?

 Yes the car policy on the employee benefit scheme is another initiative by SuperSeva that has brought smiles to all the employees. This policy has definitely proved to be a big time saver for me. It has greatly reduced my travel time from home to office and back which has allowed me to focus more on my important tasks thereby increasing my productivity. I will always be grateful for the introduction of this initiative which has boosted my self-confidence and the feeling that my employer has complete faith on me and my work is really great.

Thank you so much for your valuable time. It was really very inspiring to hear about your journey at SuperSeva. What key success mantras would you like to deliver to your fellow employees?

I am a dedicated person and sincere about my work and any activity I am engaged in. When I promise something to my client I make sure that their needs are fulfilled at any cost. So, I keep pursuing the task until I am satisfied that my clients will be happy.

Another very important thing about me is that I believe in “Never say NO” attitude. I strongly believe in the say “customer is the king” and I will go out of my way to serve them. This is the reason that has enabled me to maintain a long and sustained relationship with all my customers.

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