High-flying corporates have busy reception areas with telephone lines ring incessantly and prospective clients/business partner walking in all the time. Statistics say a typical MNC handles up to 500 calls per day. To handle call volume and reception, the security personal doubles up as reception staff- a move that could reflect negatively on the first impression of the company.

  • Facility Managers often do not realize the importance of trained reception staff until the calls are not attended properly. Below are the downsides of handling reception without professional staff
  • Security staff may not know all the concerned departments and people. This way your company could loose out on what could have been sales leads.
  • When your clients visit your office, they deserve to be treated with polished professional courtesy. Your security staff is definitely not trained for that.
  • A haphazardly managed reception could belittle the impression of your company in the eyes of prospective/present clients and partners.

Consider engaging with Managed Front Office services offered by SuperSeva. Currently managing the reception of 60% of the major MNCs based in India, SuperSeva believes if appearance is the first impression of a person, then reception is the first impression of your company. SuperSeva offers professionally groomed and trained front office staff that can manage your reception with ease, giving out a fantastic impression of your company. We have been asked several times, what makes us one of the front-runners in the Managed Front Offices Sector?  Here is why?

  • Professionally groomed staff to create a good impression of your company.
  • Trained to handle call volume and engage with guests on the reception
  • Your calls routed to the right department, leaving not just a good impression but generating prospective leads
  • Dedicated account managers to handle your issues immediately

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