Work can never be monotonous, if festivities are thrown in-every now and then! SuperSeva was a powerhouse of energy as we celebrated Pookalam competition and Ethnic Day to celebrate the traditional festival of Onam.

With employees walking into the office wearing traditional mundus and sarees, the atmosphere could not have been more charged. As they got down to making beautiful Pookalams in all its glory, they also spent quality with their colleagues in an off-duty environment. Ice was broken between new employees and old ones, managers and trainees which can be very valuable to foster a healthy work environment.

The day was over just in a blink, but it did leave traces of happy memories and ofcourse beautiful Pookalams.

The winner teams of Pookalam Competition are:

  • Winner- Team Onam Colors
  • Runners Up- Team Floral and Team Butterfly
  • 2nd Runners Up- Team Rainbow

Complete set of pictures are available on our Facebook page. You can see them here

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