According to the work/life balance survey conducted by Job site giant,, 81% of the respondents reported being unhappy with their work/life balance. 95% of working professionals said, they made a To Do list and only 1% were able to accomplish everything they listed down.

Staggering figures above equate to the staggering workload that employees juggle with these days, both at home and office. You as an employer can help! Give your employees a window at work, where they can drop their daily chores and focus on their work. This will not just give your employees more time to spend at work and with family but also help you show them that you care.

Experience SuperSeva employee concierge services that offer a range of solutions to counter the day-to-day chores of your employees. With respect to their personal wishes, wants, and needs, we created our timesaving service solutions. To achieve a more balanced life, your employees will no longer need to work harder, run faster, and “cram” more into their hectic day. We will partner with you, to give your employees the invaluable commodity of time that they deserve, so that they can achieve and sustain a healthier and happier lifestyle through work/life balance.

SuperSeva is an industry leader in concierge services handling about 30,000 client requests per month. SuperSevacurrently operates in 18 cities across the country.

The advantages of SuperSeva Concierge desk are :

  • Multiple channels of placing requests (Web, Desk, Email, Phone) => No long queues at the desk, minimum dependency on the Concierge executive’s efficiency
  • Acknowledgement System: E –receipt , Acknowledgement Slip, Mobile SMS alert system
  • Available on the internet ( and therefore a world wide access to our services
  • An online request tracking mechanism, which allows our customers to track the status of their requests
  • Electronic Reminder Service through auto e-mail and SMS alert
  • Wide reach of our services through pan-India presence
  • System generated MIS report, providing accurate information about the desk usage every month transparently
  • Concierge executive well groomed and in uniform
  • Strong and meticulous operations team: Negligible percentage of errors: 0.05 %, Multiple check points
  • One point contact: Account managers for each and every corporate
  • Recruitment: Stringent recruitment system, followed by background verification

 To Read more about Concierge Services, click here.

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