Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.

At SuperSeva, we understand your efforts and respect it. Considering which we had designed a formal schema “SuperSeva Reward & Recognition” to pay off some gratitude toward your hard work and loyalty. On 7th January 2017, SuperSeva Celebrated a Semiannual Award Function to reward the employees who outperformed others during the period of July–December 2016. The ceremony began with an inquisitive question about 2016 by Ms Divya Thakur, Asking everyone to share their experience during 2016. This turned out in a beautiful way when we came to about Radha’s incident and the care she received from Mr Sathya and other fellow employees. To more of it, Ms Divya gave a brief introduction to Employee safety and labour security rights and how you can reach out for any grievance to to make 2017 ever better and safe.
After this Mr Rajanikanth gave a brief speech over communication skills and how can one grow their skills. The event was later carried by Mr Sharath projecting the clear picture of organisation growth in terms new corporate and desks.

Then, Ms Rachana told us about how well we grew among and managed to pierce a noticeable increment and requests over time. After which Mr Ajay Sharma added a perk with his motivational and inspired us all.
We were honoured with the presence of Mr Sharad Subramanian as our chief guest, He is known for his work in the field of Environmental Energy. Being a pioneer in his field he inspired us with his words and shared the ideas of energy conservation and how we useful is the most criticised “Dirty Energy”.
After which we began with our award ceremony, we welcomed the performers who proved that their hard work and dedication toward SuperSeva is remarkable.
1. Star Performer: Mahesh Kumar .R, He managed to bag a sale of 250 movie tickets in a single go
2. Go Getter Performer: Vinod Kumar .M, Awarded for his performance toward dramatic sale of Wonder la tickets
3. Extra Mile Performer: Radha .S, Lady who managed to perform miraculously and brought a steep increment in monthly Requests. She managed to bring an average of 40 Req/m to 120 Req/m.
4. Best Performer-Relationship Executive: Annapurna .S, The way she follows up with every request and makes sure that each one of them must be taken care of, is commendable.
5. Best Performer-Field Executive: Ramanjini .V, He not only gave an extraordinary performance during past half year, his loyalty was also proven with his long-term service of 5 years.
6. Best Performer-Backend support: Safeenaz .A, you may call her “The helping hand of SuperSeva”
We moved on to give away some incentives to those who deserved a payoff to their, dedicated performance and motivate them to perform even better for future: Ramu, Naveen, Sagar, Murali, Mohan, Shakti.
We also had a team, who are known for their quality of work. From Managed Services team we decorated them with an honour.
1. Best Performer-Support Team: Bhargavi Dasari
2. Runner-up Performer: Saranjeet Singh
3. Best Performer-Operations Team: Amaresha .D.K
4. Runner-up Performer-Operations Team: Sushma .S
We also had two all-rounders among us, No matter what work it is, you can always expect something from them. All Rounder: Ms Nethravathi .C.N followed by a Runner-up Mr Muzammil Pasha.
Moving forward to it, the moment came when we got a chance to witness those who managed to walk a long way over the years and proven their loyalty toward the organisation. Ms Rachana Maladahiyar, Mr Vishvas Yadav, Mr Tarun Kumar Gowd & Mr Ramanjini .V, these names belong to those who stood firm and made SuperSeva what it is today. We presented them with a small gratitude for their 5 years of exceptional service. They shared their walk through the journey and inspired us all with their experience. While Mr Tarun made a poetic yet ironic statement by asking the meaning of SuperSeva Logo, Which he told: “Everything will be alright”.
The ceremony almost moved toward an end, Mr Ajay Sharma shared his beautiful thoughts about how one can grow in an industry and why trust is a key factor when it comes to Career Growth. Followed by our guest Mr Sharad Subramanian speaking about “KAIZEN” a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. He also suggested a book to all of us “The Checklist Manifesto”. Then it was time for a conclusion which was carried out very well by Ms Divya.

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