Safety is number one purge – Fleet management – employee transport

Employee safety and transportation was always a challenging task in the corporate marketplace. Employee convenience, Vehicle parking, travel allowance, all these things are common demands by every second employee these days. With furiously growing corporate sector in coming time employee transport and fleet management is going to be the toughest job for any business-centric organisation.
As an employer you expect your employees to be into the office on time. So, we at SuperSeva are taking care of getting your employees from their homes to the workplace. With our skilled Transport Desk Management team, you can let go of restlessness. We have over sixteen years of experience in Enterprise Managed Services and Facilities Support Management across multiple corporate clients in fast-paced cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc.
SuperSeva has continuously proven that how well they can handle Transport Desk & Fleet Management.
• Supplementing their operational efficiency
• Meeting customer demand for mobility
• Lowering their cost of service
• Setting up the transport desk and implementing processes
• Managing all client queries on Transport and Departures
• Higher asset utilisation through centralised planning
SuperSeva experts are focused on improving the utilisation percentage and reducing the sales cost of their clients by more than 50%. You can connect with our experts on +91- 9739 222 222 or you can mail your requirements to /

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