Traveling is both relaxing and refreshing. As told by Dalai Lama, “Once a year go to some place where you have never been before”, we need to travel often to explore the beauty of nature and as well get to see new places and meet new people.

27th September is celebrated as the World Tourism Day. To celebrate this day, an event is held every year to raise awareness on the importance of tourism and its impact worldwide. The vital aim of this event is to foster the importance of tourism on social, cultural, political and economic front. This year the objective is to address the global challenge of creating a more sustainable water future for the world. Hence, in support of United Nations International Year of water Cooperation, World Tourism Day 2013 is being held under the theme of “Tourism and Water: Protecting our common Future”. World Tourism was established in the beginning of 1980 and this year, one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries, Republic of Maldives will host the official World Tourism Day 2013 celebrations.

We at SuperSeva are also very keen on taking this opportunity to celebrate this day which would bring many benefits for our existing and new clients. We have selected few of the best destinations for a short and relaxed holiday at the most attractive package price. Lavasa in Pune, Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala in Mumbai and few of the major destinations in Hyderabad are the striking offers that we have brought for everyone, considering the comfort and luxury. We request everyone to avail this exciting offer and take time off to enjoy with your family and friends. We are here to serve you according to your needs.

Below is our wide range of various travel packages to different exotic locations for you to have a glimpse at.Image

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