Your organization’s assets symbolize a large and costly financial investment. Do you have the tools to track them effectively?

Companies are required to estimate the availability and status of an asset for financial reporting. Banks require 3rd party audit reports of assets for lending considerations.

With SuperSeva’s Enterprise Asset Management module you can easily tag their location and ownership; access the product information such as warranties and depreciation values, thereby improving the efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes.

Our Features:

Our Services are a comprehensive mix of technology and human intervention. It includes state of art devices and tools in the hands of well trained personnel to capture the right and reliable data.

  • At SuperSeva, we use following systems and tools to capture and report data
    • Asset Tracking software: can capture the details of all existing assets, supports report creation and reviews
    • Mobile handhelds – devices allow you to capture data from the nook and corners of warehouse store or in the in situ
    • Bar-code/RF ID – for unique tagging and identification purposes
  • Takes control of the entire asset inventory including managing location, assignments, ownership, warranties, asset condition and maintenance history
  • Accurate and regular reports by compiling, listing and analyzing the data about fixed and moveable facilities assets across the inventory

Avail our Services and let our experts analyze and optimize your in-house asset tracking processes and streamline it. For queries and more info dial +91- 9743750600 /+91- 9945239351 or drop a mail to /  .


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