An IT major was looking for a reliable partner who can take up their asset management services across 20 Locations.

Challenge Faced:

Decentralized approach to manage critical assets for their departments across PAN India locations led to time consuming audits, unnecessary spending and incomplete records required for annual reporting.

Major Findings SuperSeva Key Features and Solution
Affordability of quality staff to manage assets was always an issue Built a client-dedicated team staffed with highly educated, skilled, and committed analysts
Imparting training for employees was extraordinarily challenging, time consuming, and mentally draining Developed staff’s technical expertise and business mindedness to handle future uncertainties in the business
No Proper Documentation Maintained a library of more than 150 asset reports on a weekly basis. Accurate and regular reports sent by compiling, listing and analyzing the data about fixed and moveable facilities assets across the inventory
Day to day update issues. Our Asset management team runs  consistent processes on a day-to-day basis, which includes high-end research like preparing financial models, writing credit reports, asset status  and performance reporting for funds
Coping with human error in the processes and work system We practice comprehensive mix of technology and human intervention to capture and report data. Now, all assets are centralized and everyone is connected. Real-time Record of every Movable/Immovable asset is kept
No flexibility to adhere to changes as per client’s requirements Customized products / templates was created to suit the client’s diverse requirements
Managing competitive tariff to sustain in the market Discreet cost management measures  were put into practice (e.g. investment prioritization, better cost transparency, partnership with potential vendors) to control the costs
Management had to shuffle time from core job to supervise asset management Created a sustainable offshore business model enabling the client to focus on key engagements


By adopting our innovative managed services technologies, clients can continuously assess the real-time condition of their assets. Appropriate maintenance can now be carried out at the right time – striking the best balance between using the equipment to its maximum capability and minimizing disruption from possible failures.

We are more than 15 years young in this business. Our strong clientele list is a shining example of our outstandingly good asset management practices and processes.

To know more about us, connect with our tracking specialist on +91-9743750600 / +91-9945239351 or drop an email toamresha@superseva.com / kumud@superseva.com

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