SuperSeva Services Private Limited, founded in the year 2000, is headquartered in Bangalore. For nearly 16 years now, we have been providing comprehensive Enterprise-centric services to help organizations conduct business more effectively. Today, SuperSeva is the leader in the Enterprise Support service industry in India serving numerous clients across the country.

SuperSeva has always invested in IT innovations and solutions to bring scalable and reliable solutions for clients. We have developed and rolled out many solutions including asset management, transport management and facility management areas. Our Automated Mailroom Management Solution is a unique and innovative solution that helps corporate to realize substantial productivity by optimizing their mail room function.

Our Managed Mail room offers:

• On-site mail-room
• Inbound mail management
• Secure screening of mail and goods
• Outbound mail management
• Dispatch management of mail and courier items
• Sorting to department level
• Inter-site mail distribution across branch networks
• Cost-effective postal services
• Print and stationery management
• Query resolution
• MIS & Reporting
• Vendor management

With TrakMail – SuperSeva’s Managed Mail-room our clients can:

• Focus on their core business
• Reduce the time between receipt of incoming mail and distribution within the business
• Cost savings by 50% by optimizing deployment of mail room assets and staff
• Improve operational effectiveness. i.e. Categorizing and prioritizing incoming mail so that the most important documents are processed first.
• Develop overall information management by centralizing the storage and distribution of important business documents, reducing lost information and lost time to retrieve mislaid documents.
• Attain effective integration between the mailroom and the print room
• Ensure compliance and comprehensive mail tracking
• Increase efficiency through the latest mail innovations
• Improved security, reliability and quality control
• Work with a partner who has over 15 years’ proven experience in managing mail rooms and identifying innovative solutions for all industries and asset types, at all major cities in PAN India i.e. Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, etc

Begin exploring SuperSeva’s mailroom solutions for your businesses.

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