Christmas at SuperSeva kicked off in merriment and joy with Secret Santa showering the gift on 23rd Dec much earlier than the Christmas. We understand Santa has lots of places to cover and hence accepted the wishes and gifts in advance with a glee. Each SuperSeva employee donned on the red fur cap, with a broad smile on their face and peace and wishes in their hearts for the angels. Chocolates, teddies, clocks, Ice-cream, cosmetics, fish bowls etc. were among the popular gift items. Not only were the gifts special, but their delivery was unique as well. Some Santa chose to leave gifts early morning, while some sent gifts throughout the day through different people. Ms. Sudarshana, Web & Graphic Designer, commented. “I am the luckiest one; my secret Santa is very good………. I have got lots of gifts with love….. Thanks Sheeba for making my Christmas so special”, she thanked her Secret Santa for making her Christmas a very special one.
Ms. Divya Thakur, Asst Mgr- Statutory Compliance, shared her experience as a Secret Santa and as an Angel. “Swapna (my angel) was really excited about her gifts secretly given by me. I too received gifts from my Santa Dhiraj, in the form of Santa Hat with lots of big chocolates.” The evening was made more special when identity of the Secret Santa was revealed. Everyone took a hand at guessing who their Secret Santa was. Some were guessed right. Some could not. Finally, the candles were blown, cakes were cut and filled our stomach already full with such joy. Merry Christmas. Happy new year to all of you, patrons, colleagues and well wishes. Have a Super 2012.

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