In the fast paced world of deadlines and meetings throughout the day, people tend to miss out and neglect their health in order to achieve that coveted post. SuperSeva bridges this gap by organizing various wellness camps during the year.
Keeping this trend alive, SuperSeva organized Wellness camps across three different corporates in three different formats.
• Dental Check Up @ Coginzant, Coimbatore – It was conducted for 4 days at 3 different branches.

• Hair Health Test @ HCL, Hyderabad – It was conducted for 3 days at 3 different branches.

• Skin Test and BMI @ NDS, Bangalore – It was conducted for 4 days at 3 different branches.

All three were well attended with an average footfall of 300 people. This campaign by SuperSeva was appreciated by everyone as they saved time and got them easy access to doctors and checkup for which otherwise they would have neglected. The wellness camps were organized under the Employee Engagement program SuperSeva does for its corporate clients.

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