The employees at Vodafone, First Source and Ciber wrapped up their Christmas by playing mini golf with their colleagues. The golf was organized by SuperSeva as a part of their employee engagement activities.
Event had a huge turnout, where employees cheered for their colleagues as they struggled to hit the ball with subtle finesse. The winners received enthusiastic applauds and gifts as a memoir.
The names of the winners are:
At Vodafone, winners are Mr S.Prabu and Ms Suman S D
At Ciber, winners are Vandana, Arun, Filex and AnthonyAt First Source, winners are Vinay  Misha, Jyothesh, Siva, S Mayar, Jayus opal, Naveen, Ravi Rajesh, Jose Francis, Manjunath, Kiran D Joyson, Raghu Nath and Kumar k m

Here is a hearty congratulation to all the winners from SuperSeva. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year ahead!

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