Various studies have suggested that it takes just about 3 seconds to create a first impression about oneself through appropriate demeanor, attire, and communication skills, leading to a perception that might sometimes be impossible to alter. Hence the very First Impressions become very crucial for anyone to create a long term relations. For an organization, Front Office / Reception is the first point of contact with their clients, vendors, customers, visitors and employees. If the front-office personnel (receptionists) are able to create an impact at the first instance itself, it goes a long way in strengthening the organization’s relationships with their valued stakeholders. Front Office projects the organization’s professional ethics and value system. The 2 most important interactive entry points in an organization are:
  • The Receptionist
  • The Front Office space
Each of these provides the opportunity to leave a positive imprint on the minds of customers and are vital for corporate branding too.

Essential Characteristics of a Front office Professional

  •  The ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to deal effectively with telephone calls
  • Good keyboard skills
  • Ability to work with diversity
  • Understand the necessity for confidentiality
  • Understand the role of teamwork in providing  quality service

Outsourcing the Front Office Solution

Front Office is a non-core critical function. Since organizations do not have the required bandwidth to monitor the function 9 to 5 and lacks expertise in Training, Grooming and Providing Career progression, the best way to handle this would be to outsource this critical function to an expert. Front office service is a critical function that may affect the bottom lines adversely if not handled professionally, which most organizations fall short of.

The SuperSeva Advantage

The best way to handle this would be to outsource this critical function to an expert. For this you can rely upon SuperSeva’s Managed Front Office (MFO) Service. The service is unique as:
  • This is not manpower outsourcing, which doesn’t stand for quality of service.
  • We manage your Front Office Function based on SLAs.
  • We will be accountable for an efficient functioning of your Front office at all times.
  • Quality of service always ensured.

The front office executive is trained to:

  • Dresses in proper , professional attire
  • Greet/handle/prioritize visitors
  • Handle phone calls
  • Route phone callsRespond to enquiries
  • Monitor visitor access
  • Take messages
  • Book/cancel appointments
  • Sort mail
  • Make fax transmittals
  • Handle deliveries …… and many more tasks, with great aplomb

They demonstrate:

  • A professional personal appearance
  • A Positive attitude
  • Self confidence
  • Telephone courtesy
  • Professionalism in welcoming visitors
  • Understand the components of customer service and satisfaction
We at SuperSeva Services understand the components of customer service and satisfaction and imbibe the organizational values and ethos and commit ourselves to providing you the very best cost effective services. The organization need not worry about  interviewing, recruiting, training, payroll,  motivating, retaining, rewarding, appraising. We take care about all of that and beyond. Even for absenteeism, every receptionist is trained and provided with exactly the same skills so that at all times, work at your front office is completed seamlessly. “SuperSeva’s Managed Front Office Service makes your first impression the impactful lasting impression”.
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