SuperSeva recognizes a strong R&R program as backbone of HR policies. Its Reward & Recognition program Kudos, has been lauded by all its corporate clients.
Kudos is used in a variety of environment.

  • Long Service Awards
  • Performance specific awards – individual / team awards
  • Occasion based awards
  • Team gatherings and social events
  • Informal On-the-spot Rewards
  • Business Unit Awards for outstanding contributions to the organization

Kudos is easily setup and managed. There are two different interfaces on which the entire system runs. One is for the employees, where they can check on their collected points, gifts available, redeem their points. The other side of the fence is the admin who allocates points and runs the show from behind the scene.

The USP of the entire system is its interactivity and connectivity. Kudos has some unique features that give it the feel of social networking:

  • Managers can post audio and video feeds of recommendations.
  • Recommendations posted on Kudos can be uploaded on LinkedIn, scaling up the reach and authenticity of user’s profile.
  • All users linked on Kudos can comment and like the updates, recommendations.
  • The managers can send e-certificates directly to the inbox of employees, which can be printed and displayed.

Kudos takes care of all aspects of Reward and Recognition right from conceptualization and design, launch, to gift catalogue and logistics management, and Website and Vendor Management.

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