What Makes An Employee “The Most Important Asset of an Organization”?

Any organisation whether it is a small scale business or a developing startup, often we decide their size & worth in the industry based on their asset they own. The worth of their assets usually determines the worth and magnitude of any particular organisation. But what makes a huge impact on that worthiness and bigness? Is it Machineries? Or is it how advanced technology they are using? Or is it the employee strength and efficiency that determines the actual magnitude of the organisation?

A basic mantra that every successful organisation is using for their success in the industry is to keep their employees happy and engaged. High-tech machineries and technologies may let you maintain a perfect reputation into the market but an efficient and happy employee can carry your company from zero to one, which makes employees the most important asset for an organisation.

If you are successfully retaining your employees it is surely going to result in you with high productivity. And how do you retain an employee?? SuperSeva is known for its innovative employee engagement services & Staffing Services provided for their clients.

Highlights of SuperSeva Staffing Services

-Dedicated team of 30+ people spread across various location for sourcing and validation

-We had approx 150+ resumes every day after technical validation into our resource pool

  • The Unique and innovative approaches used by the team have always helped us in getting genuine and technically sound candidates
  • The validation/reference check includes following parameters such as-
    • Background verification
    • Academics and previous employer verification
    • Projects confirmation

Process & Quality

Resume Conversion: 70%

Interview Conversion: 40%

Joining Conversions: 80%

SuperSeva Staffing Methodology

  • Understanding the Job Profile from the company
  • The process includes advertising on various portals, checking the existing database & benched resources
  • Initial screening the CVs
  • Matching them with Job Profiles, CTC, Exp, etc
  • Synopsis in customised Excel Format
  • Confirmation with the shortlisted candidates over the Phone / Mail, informing them about the company
  • CV sent to client for approval
  • Interview scheduled for the Shortlisted candidates from the client
  • Final Shortlisting from the CVs
  • Offer made to Shortlisted Candidates
  • Coordinating with the selected Candidates to make them join in required time frame
  • Reference Check

SSP benefits

  • Payroll management
  • Training for employees
  • Induction Process
  • Background Verification
  • Inbound & Outbound Training Program
  • Resume Screening
  • Team Outing

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