Managing an Event – When it is planned well, it goes Well

Be it a Festival celebration, a team achievement party or a company award function, when it comes to managing an event and planning out the things. It can be quite complicated, unwelcoming and scary. It will not put us onto wonder because you are not alone these luxurious parties, corporate event, and Client functions are all about reputations. As the time kerbs and pressure organising something that everybody including your guests and colleagues will enjoy can make it a stressful nightmare.

Often this task is dumped onto people with very less or no experience, which eventually results in a negative or not up to the mark impression on the guests and clients.

SuperSeva has expertise in the art of planning a perfect event according to your needs. With our presence across major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc and industry experience of over 17 years we understand how your guests are going to feel best about you.

Our Planning Strategy

  1. Setting up the perfect date
  2. Figuring out the suited budget – Cost efficient
  3. Learning about the Interest of your audience
  4. Setting up a suitable venue
  5. We make it look pretty – Theming
  6. Tickle their taste buds – Food
  7. Arrangement for honorees – Awards
  8. Adding a touch of enhancement
  9. Guest invitations

And much more we have in the bag.

An office that celebrates together, works together. When employees are effectively and positively engaged in their organisation, they form an emotional connect with the company. That is why celebrating special days at work is important. The not just give employees a break from their monotony but also help boost their morale.

The SuperSeva Advantage

We support you by managing your corporate events, to let your HR team focus on their expertise. We undertake a wide range of corporate events such as:

  1. Health and Wellness Programs
  2. Sports Events
  3. Cultural Activities
  4. Party Planning
  5. Food Festival
  6. CSR Activities
  7. Team building activities
  8. Team outing and group holidays
  9. Special Day Celebrations
  10. Rewards and Gifting
  11. Complementary Events (Sponsored events)

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