Several phones are ringing incessantly, co-workers are calling and bombarding with many questions and that is the moment when a client or a customer walks in. How do you think the person manning the front desk will manage all the responsibilities with professional ease and poise? You will want your clients/customers to have a very good impression about your company when they walk in through the door and greeted by the front desk personnel. This is crucial in building a brand image for your company. To reflect your company’s brand adequately your front office personnel must represent your company through their appearance, behavior, attitude, business manners and communication skills.

The challenge lies when the personnel manning the front desk has to handle multiple activities with every bit of poise, ease and professionalism.  We at SuperSeva will help you to find the right face for manning your front desk without worrying about their hiring, ongoing training and monitoring process which can take away a lot of your time and money.

After the recruitment, SuperSeva provides customized training to every front desk professional in:

  • Projecting the right attitude for the job
  • Creating a professional image in terms of appearance for themselves and the company.
  • Training them on the right behavior and attitude which are powerful enough to destroy the company’s image if not cared for.
  • Train them to be a gracious host.
  • Train them to enhance their verbal communication and listening skills.
  • Help them build their telephone image and make their email communication effective and professional.
  • Trainings to teach them in handling difficult people with diplomacy.

How will you benefit as a client by availing our services:

  • Professionally groomed staff to create a good impression of your company.
  • Trained to handle call volume and engage with guests on the reception.
  • Your calls routed to the right department, leaving not just a good impression but generating prospective leads.
  • Dedicated account managers to handle your issues immediately

At present, SuperSeva is managing the front desks of 60% of the major MNC’s in India. Thus to reap the benefits of creating a fantastic impression of your company in front of your clients/customers you can consider in engaging with our services by allowing us to help you.

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