The logistics of a corporate mail-room is found chaotic and labor intensive most of the time. As time progresses, the mail-room operations becomes bigger and more cumbersome with decrease in productivity. This might lead to escalation costs and ever increasing burden of mail-room management which is becoming common.

Indian mail-room management services faces lot of peculiarities till date. In India nearly, 90% of the corporates suffer from improper inbound mail management because we do not have any professional courses on Mail-room manpower like many developed countries. Therefore, the corporates in India have to invest lot of money in training the personnel.  The rapid growth challenges and uncertainties about manpower are giving way to frauds, misuse and corporate sabotage. Even there is uncertainty in the query resolution time which might vary from 2mins to 2 days due to negligible systems, process and procedures, thus affecting client productivity. Increasingly, security has become a key factor in Mail-room management services and many companies have become aware about mail screening to ensure that all mails are secure before distribution to broader business.

SuperSeva as an outsourced service provider, our mail-room management services are aimed at automating the process of receiving, sorting and distributing incoming mail and its associated processes in businesses.

SuperSeva mail-room management services include:

  • Receiving, recording, and sorting incoming mails
  • Data entry
  • Delivering mails to relevant departments/individuals
  • Receipts acknowledgement
  • Scanning and indexing
  • Mails/couriers collection from individuals and departments
  • Dispatching and recording outgoing mails

The key business benefits by availing our services:

  • Reduced time between receipt of incoming mail and its distribution within the departments/business.
  • Save money by optimizing utilization of mail-room assets and staff
  • Accurate categorization and prioritization of incoming mails to improve operational effectiveness so that the most important documents are processed first
  • Improve overall information management to reduce loss of information and time in retrieving the misplaced documents. This can be achieved by centralizing the storage and distribution of important business documents
  • Ensure compliance and comprehensive mail tracking

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