The term “Feet on the Street” (FOS) denotes to a group of team members assigned by their organization to visit the customers’ site for relevant document collection and/or to deliver any requisite forms related to the customer’s request.  Today, ‘Feet on the street’ concept is becoming very popular in many industries like banking which involves document collection related to credit card application process, customer data collection etc.

SuperSeva Expertise as a FOS Service Provider:

SuperSeva as a service provider would ensure that-

• We would provide extensive domain Knowledge, especially in the BFSI sector.

•Tailored business process experiences are provided by our team of experts to build solutions for your collection services.

• Stringent procedures are applied to recruit the FOS agents, based on their skill and knowledge

• Periodic training and grooming sessions are provided to our FOS team in alignment with our client’s requirements.

• Stringent monitoring and follow up measures are continued for periodic revaluation processes.

• Centralized management & control processes are provided for systematic and effective functioning of our FOS team.

Roles and Responsibilities of SuperSeva services as a FOS Service Provider:

Recruitment of FOS Agents will involve-

• Manpower planning

• Hiring

• Background verification checks

• Induction & ongoing training programs for both FOS agents & back end staff

Data Security & Client Confidentiality will involve-

• Adherence to the client Data Security procedure

• Maintaining data security of the client’s customers’ data.

Adherence to Appointment Schedule-

  • Manpower planning

Daily scheduling of FOS agents to ensure the complete adherence to the process and requirements.

Access for Audits-

• Focused on the Process / Services.

• Provide necessary access to our clients to conduct periodic audits.

SuperSeva will facilitate you in achieving your objectives, resolving your issues and capturing your customers. Our Feet on Street (FOS) team can go to your customers, collect their documents; and verify them before bringing it back to our office – in the most Cost efficient way.

As a client the benefits that you will enjoy with our SuperSeva Advantage:

• You do not have to bother with the hiring and recruiting process of your field executives to collect the relevant documents.

• We will assign our FOS agents who will have domain expertise, trained and groomed according to SuperSeva’s stringent recruitments and training process.

• FOS team members will physically visit your customers based on any locations for document collection. The collected documents will be submitted as per SLA

• FOS team members will be answerable to any of your customer’s query

• FOS team members will verify the collected documents

• MIS would be shared for any successful, unsuccessful and WIP job done.

•  In turn, you will be able to save on your time and money and focus on more important work relevant to the major issues of crisis.

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