Now everyone can easily avail medicines through SuperSeva concierge services. Through our services one doesn’t need to worry about the availability of medicines. We at SuperSeva value our customers need and provides over 98% of all approved medicines in India. Sometimes it’s very hassle to get few medicines prescribed by Doctor, and we are here to provide a hassle free environment. ‘Health is Wealth’ and we believe in that.

All the details related to Delivery of Medicine is provided here-


How do I know what medicines or drugs are available?

SuperSeva has partnered with KlikPick (Wellness and Pharmacy) which offers over 98% of all approved medicines in India. Therefore in general almost all medicines and drugs are available. In case a specific medicine is not available in Bangalore, we will call and share the same before proceeding with the rest of request.

How long does it take for me to get my request fulfilled? 

SuperSeva will deliver within 1 working day after receiving the request.

What benefit will I get in placing requests?

Benefits include a comprehensive catalog of approved healthcare products and services, fresh and genuine, all at the convenience of requesting from your office concierge desk. SuperSeva offers best prices, attractive discounts on products and redeemable loyalty points.

How do I send the prescription?

Simply handover the prescription to the desk executive and ask for a request acknowledgement receipt.

How do I get my prescription back? 

The prescription will be handed back to you after verification by a certified pharmacist along with your package. You would need to produce the request receipt to claim back the prescription and package.

How do I leave instructions such as if I don’t need a particular medicine or I need only a limited quantity from what is written in the prescription? 

If you don’t need a medicine simply strike off with a lead pencil on the prescription. You can also leave written request along with the prescription in special instructions form.

How do I get the estimated amount to fulfill the prescription before placing the request? 

Simply indicate in your special instructions form. We will review your prescription and call or email back to confirm the amount.

I want my previous prescription to be fulfilled now for the next month. Do I have to send the prescription again?

Simply quote your last request number and send us the special instructions form with any specific instructions. We will review your last prescription copy with us and fulfill the needful. Note, a range of scheduled drugs require prescription to be presented every time. We will call, SMS or email you in such a case.

Whom and when do I pay for the medicines?

You need pay the amount to the desk executive at the time of placing the request.

What happens if my medicine is not available? 

We will make our best effort to fulfill your request as we have one of the largest ranges of products available today. In case it happens that a particular prescribed medicine is not in stock, we will call or email you about the same before proceeding with the rest of the request.

What happens if my request is not fulfilled within the specified time?

We will make our best efforts to fulfill next day promise. In case a particular item is not available or expected to come beyond the promised time, we will call, SMS or email you to confirm or cancel the request. Any payments made in advance will be refunded.

If I need a medicine urgently can it be fulfilled?

Yes, only if it is available. To find out simply send us an email at with your contact number.

What happens if I get wrong medicines sent to me? 

Simply call or email us and we will address it right away or provide full refund in case the specified items are not available any longer.

I got wrong items in my package. How do I get it rectified?

Simply call or email us and we will address a correction or refund.

How do I consult the pharmacist?

Please ask the desk executive for the number to call.

I don’t have a prescription? Can I place a request? 

Prescription is a must for all medicines classified as prescription drugs by the Drug Controller. Certain over the counter (OTC) medicines can be fulfilled though. You can use the special instruction form to indicate them.

I have a complaint to make. How can I do that? 

We take complaints very seriously. Just call Mr. Jitendra (9686450202) or provide your feedback here

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