SuperSeva is one of the premier corporate concierge companies in India and we provide concierge service PAN India in 6 major cities and 12 second tier cities. The 6 major cities where SuperSeva offers concierge services are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. SuperSeva provides both basic and premium concierge services. Apart from managing the front office of our esteemed clients, we provide a host of services. We provide services related to more than 10 domains like Passport, PAN card, Ticketing, Bill payments, Banking, Courier, Municipality, Government, Insurance, Legal, Realty and so on.

It is said that “Convenience will never trump service or a great guest experience.” Concierge is all about experience and SuperSeva is one of the corporate concierge companies that offer premium concierge services. The modern IT companies leave little time for its employees for their personal works and company HR managers are leveraging concierge services for ensuring that their employees do not take leaves. Having a concierge desk at the office also ensures that the productivity of the employees increases. This is because the employees can delegate most of their work to the corporate concierge companies like SuperSeva.

Advantages of Corporate Concierge Companies:

  • Saves time and energy of employees
  • Professional service
  • Timely response
  • Customer Care and call center facility
  • Domain experience to carry out tasks
  • Maintain brand image and enhance the same
  • Improves employee loyalty

Corporate Concierge companies like SuperSeva offer mail-room services in addition to the front office service. Sometimes both the tasks are done by a single executive and this arrangement works well for small enterprises. Dual responsibility is often a cost-saving measure.

Advantages of working in Corporate Concierge Companies:

  • Opportunity to attend events and shows
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Perfect place for a fresher to share his or her career
  • Hands-on experience in the customer care industry
  • No specialized training required

In a nutshell:

Corporate Concierge Companies play an important role in ensuring employee well-being and ensures good productivity too. It also makes sure that you maintain or increase the brand image of your company. SuperSeva has been offering concierge services to its prestigious clients for 18 years. Some of the clients of SuperSeva are in the prestigious ‘Fortune 500’ list. We look to serve more clients in the future with professionalism and commitment so that SuperSeva remains as the preferred choice among the corporate concierge companies.


  • I’m the Benefits Manager for Kohler India. We are looking at a tie up with a Concierge service provider

    • Dear Bhavana Hiremath,

      I will forward your request to our concerned department. It would help us if you provide your mobile number for quick communication. SuperSeva executive will get back to you at the earliest. Alternatively, you can contact us through / or call us: +91 9590 901 901.

      Thanks & Regards
      Superseva Team

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