Anniversary Celebration of SuperSeva – A brief walk-through

SuperSeva celebrated its 18th annual day on 7th July 2018 at the Savoury business hotel in Madivala, Bangalore. SuperSeva completed 18 years of delivering quality enterprise support services to a number of clients spread over India.

The celebrations began with the traditional lighting of the lamp by our CEO Mrs.Kumud Sharma, MD Mr. Ajay Shankar Sharma, heads of our concierge and managed services departments Mrs. Rachana Maladahiyar, Mr.Rajani Kanth respectively and Mr. Ravi Bangalia. This was followed by a heartwarming welcome dance by Ms.Sheela and Mrs. Ramya. Mrs.Kumud Sharma addressed the gathering and spoke about how SuperSeva has grown year after year financially and with respect to other parameters. Mr. Ajay Sharma motivated the employees to better themselves in every passing year.

Awards distribution

Next programme was the awards ceremony and a whopping 99 awards were given away in three different sets. The award ceremony was peppered with cultural activities like group dance, solo dance, solo singing and so on. The awards ceremony started with the “Best Performer Award” and SuperSeva gave away the “Star Performer” award to 39 brilliant individuals. Then, Mr. Kiran mesmerized the audience with this cool moves during his solo performance. This performance was followed by Mr.Kumar who sang few filmy tracks with karaoke playing in the background and crowd cheering him for each song. The audience were taken another world by the first group dance of the day by Mr.Pavan and team.

The top members of our management for a quick one minute game which they took part with much enthusiasm. This was followed by one more beautiful dance performance by two beautiful ladies. We were thoroughly entertained by an English number which was sung melodiously by Ms. Keneitseu Kense. This was followed by a group dance by Ms. Sheela and group. The entire family of SuperSeva was enjoying themselves during the occasion.

It was then time to give away the second set of awards. It was presented by the head of finance – Mr.Krishna Kumar, chief of our HR vertical- Mr. Vishwas Yadav and head of our managed services- Mr.Rajnikanth. Awards like “Positive Participator”, “Go Getter”, “Energizer Bunny”, “You make a difference”, “Wow and Consistent Customer Service”, “Key Contributor”, “Shining Star”, “Team Player”, “Three Cheers”, “Star Support”, “High Five”, “Best Service and Commitment”, “Excellent Support” and “Round of Applause” were given away in this set. There were around 30 awardees who received awards in the second set. The second set of awards was spiced up with an exemplary solo dance performance byMr.Praveen and group dance by Mrs.Sumathi and team.

The last and the most important set of awards were given away by our top management – CEO Kumud Sharma, MD Mr. Ajay Sharma, CEO of Zimplify Mr. Bal Krishn Birla. The awards distributed included “You are a Gem”, “Rockstar Rookie”, “Support Excellency”,

“Ripple Effect”, “Consistent Support”, “Beyond the call of Duty”, “Constant Commitment”, “Never Say Never”, “Extra Mile performance”, “Exceeding Everest”, “Stellar Success”, “Star Service”, “Delivery Commitment”, “New Contributor”, “Upcoming Commitment”, “Pinnacle”,  “Ace of Initiative” , “Circle of Excellence”, “Leadership Impact”, “Leadership Excellency”, “5 Year Completion” and “10 year completion”. Mr.Rajanikanth, Mr.Krishna Kumar, Mr.Musafir Pasha, Mrs.Rachana Maladahiyar shared their success mantra upon receiving the award. The third set of awards was decorated with some cute performance by Ms.Mansi Rajnikanth and group dance by Mary and team. “Guess the price of the item” game was played and the family members of SuperSeva took home some cool goodies by guessing its price. The entire family of SuperSeva was served a mouth-watering lunch at the end of the event.

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