Continually reviewing, reassessing and refining our services has been the key to our service delivery model. What appealed to the customers today might be different tomorrow.  So, we reevaluate and re create what is relevant, right now.  We zero in on the issues, challenges, problems and frustrations that are most prevalent and come up with customized solutions for every client.

Concierge Service @ your doorstep is one such unique service wherein the customers can avail the SuperSeva Services sitting at the convenience of their own home.

Earlier customers had to come the desk at a predefined venue and place a request . The problems they generally faced were :

  1. Take out time from their busy schedules to visit the desk, to place request.
  2. Walk a long distance especially for big apartments.
  3. Check the availability of the executive.

With SuperSeva’s Concierge Service @ your doorstep, customers can call the executive and get their request processed at their doorstep. The executive will come with a hand-held device to process the request.

We have successfully implemented the Concierge Service @ your doorstep at Springfields Apartment, Bangalore, with 550 flats.

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